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                                         GREENHAM IN THE News 
I have found a number of clips on Greenham Common. Here are some presented. If you would like to see more, please let me know. If you yourselves are able to contribute any others, please let me know. I have the  means to add them to the site. Click on links to view full articles: 
    1958:                               1978:  
             Fire Destroys Atom Bomber                      Greenham to reopen. Reading Eve Post. 
        1978:  U2 successor may be based in England 
               Map of US bases in UK in 1980                    Glider base 
                 Thanks to Duncan Campbell.    
         1982:          US Bunker at High Wycombe 
            Greenham - A look behind the wire  
                Thanks to Duncan Campbell. 
         1984: 32 Cruise Missiles at Greenham 
                  Other side of the Greenham wire            Escape from Front Line 
                                                                              Thanks to Duncan Campbell 
                 The Reds are coming                         Russian invaders 
                 The Bear has landed 
                 Goodbye to cruise                           Russians fly in again 
                American forces to quit base 
               Greenham pleasant land 
                                                              The Webmaster