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                                                Greenham Buildings   
RAF Greenham Common had a number of interesting buildings and a few off base. I have been sent some great photos of the buildings by Jean Butler who visited Greenham Common in August 1992, just before it closed. I am also grateful to the Greenham Common Trust who have kindly lent me photos of the barracks and to Bill Schuck, USAF Maj (retired) and his photos taken at Greenham Common during a 90 day TDY in 1956. Many of these photos were taken on a visit to Greenham Common on March 7th 2002 with help from Paul Hilton and Alan Bovingdon-Cox.   
                                                                                                                                                      This is Hangar 4 which was also known as Building 303. This was home to Charlie and Dog Flights during the years of the 501st TMW. By MSgt Chuck Spence, Aug 2001.   
        The side entrance to Bldg 303                       ...and inside as it looks inside in March 2002.   
        Thanks to Chuck Spence, Aug 2001.   
The interior of Building 301 in March 2002. This was originally known as Building 701 and was used as the base armoury. In the SAC years, B-47s were serviced in this hangar which is nearest the water towers. Thanks to Paul.   
       One room in Bldg 301 was painted camoflage.   
       Thanks to Paul Hilton, March 2002.   
                        This was Building 300 between the Commissary and Bldg 303.    
                        By Webmaster, March 2002.   
The Commissary seen just before the base closed. Taken on August 16th 1992.Thanks to Jean Butler.   
                       Taken outside Building 301 looking at the water towers. March 2002.    
                       Thanks to Paul Hilton.   
                                  Looking up at the water towers.    
                                  Thanks to Mike Baldock, 2000.   
 The Dental surgery and base Clinic.                   Base Post Office.  Thanks to Jean Butler, 1992.   
                     This was the POL Building where Jean's husband worked in the 1950s.   
         The POL Building controlled the 21 POL fuel tanks across the base which could hold    
as much as 8 million gallons of fuel. Some was used for heating, the rest was for aviation fuel.   
  Entrance to the (new) Bowling Alley.                     The Shoppette. By Jean Butler, Aug 1992.   
                              Building 109 housed the B-47 Synthetic Trainer at Greenham    
                              during the SAC years. Taken in 1995 thanks to   
                          The Single Officers Quarters off Burys Bank Road as seen in 1956.    
                          Thanks to Bill Schuck who did a 90 day TDY that year.   
Bill Schuck took his promotion from 2nd Lt to 1st Lt while on TDY at Greenham Common.    
Taken outside the single quarters off Burys Bank Road, 1956. Thanks to Bill Schuck.   
Greenham Lodge seen here from rear in January 2002. This was the Officers Club, said to be haunted. Today, it is used as a school for deaf children. By Webmaster.   
                        The Officers Club (Front) as seen in 1956. Thanks to Bill Schuck.   
The barrack blocs on base were used by a paintball company for a few years in the mid 1990s.   
These photos were taken on Dec 21st 1998 just prior to their demolition. Thanks to Teresa Newson of the Greenham Common Trust.   
        Greenham Common High School's sports field as seen on Jan 1st 2002. By Webmaster.   
If you have any photos of Greenham Common and its buildings that you may like to share, please email me.   
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