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                  The McNamara Collection 1986-1991 
Frank McNamara and his wife, Capt Bonnie McNamara lived at Greenham Common with their family in the later years of the 501st Tactical Missile Wing. Frank was a teacher at Greenham Common High School and Capt McNamara was Weather Commander, working in the control tower. These pictures are a great visual record of daily life at Greenham during those years. My thanks to Frank and Bonnie McNamara, now at RAF Lakenheath. 
The entrance sign circa 1986 welcomed visitors to the base, then under the command of the late Col. John Bacs. 
Main gate with activists in full swing! 
                            Capt. Bonnie McNamara (right) takes command of base weather unit in 1986. 
Lt. Deathridge and NCO in weather unit. 
An MIA monument was established at the base in a ceremony in 1986. This monument has now been moved to RAF Fairford. 
A bowling centre was built in 1987. 
A Christening at the base chapel.       
Construction was ongoing at the GAMA. 
GAMA watchtower, removed in 1998  
The Cold War was very cold that day!  
 Parade by Hangar 303, circa 1988.   
The following are from the change of command ceremony from Col. Bill Jones to the Command of Colonel Richard Riddick in 1988: 
                                         Wing Chaplain Mosely and his wife at base, 1986-1989. 
    July 1988 saw a very important date; the first Soviet INF "baseline" inspections of GLCM bases 
                  The Soviet INF team flew in in an Aeroflot Illyushin-62 
 Frank got to take his class aboard the Illyushin with Bonnie. 
                Glasnost arrived at Greenham as the Soviets opened up to their American hosts. 
         Mission accomplished, the Soviet INF Team head back to the USSR. 
A vehicle display was arranged including these TELs just before the final departure of GLCMs. 
    Rebecca, Frank's daughter. 
Bonnie McNamara on TEL  
       Capt. Bonnie McNamara at the end of her tour at Greenham Common. 
                                             Welcome home; I hope you have enjoyed your  
                                                visit back to Greenham Common. 
My thanks to the McNamara family. Do you have any pictures you may like to share with us? Please email me if you can share other photos for visitors to enjoy. 
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