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             Looking Back At The SAC Years 
I have been sent many wonderful pictures of Greenham Common from the years between 1951 and June 1964 when the USAF Strategic Air Command had control of the base. There have been many exceptional and rare pictures and my thanks are especially due to former GCA Officer Leon Schumacher (1957-1960), Alan Bovingdon-Cox, Bob Brown, Josh Curtis and Paul Offen. If you have any further from the SAC years or any other period, please email me. I am happy to email the full size versions of these pictures on request, as well as other SAC era pictures. 
     US Army engineers get to work building the base in 1951.  
     Thanks to Leon Schumacher. 
               Work begins on the runway.   
 The US Army Aviation Engineers arrived here in 1951 by C-46 Commando. 
                                 One of the C-46's waits by a remaining World War Two hangar in 1951.  
   Welcome back to RAF Greenham Common in October 1955. 
   The small sign on the lower left asks you to dip your headlights. 
   A special model of the base was made by a British Air Ministry employee for base commander 
   Colonel Robinson in 1954.    
                  Making a landing looking east in 1957. Note the overuns were not built  
                  until 1958. Thanks to Leon Schumacher. 
         RAF Wing Commander Graham Townsend and  
        departing base commander Col. Robinson leave a plaque  
        dedicating the first of 4,000 birch trees to be planted at the base on September 28th 1954. 
                                      The tower area in late 1950s. By Leon Schumacher. 
 C-47 17645, one of the three Greenham had in the 1950s. 
 Thanks to Leon Schumacher. 
An NCO Leadership Class at Greenham Common in 1956. Thanks to  
Jose Herrera (Top row right). 
                                        A B-36 bomber faces the barracks off the Burys Bank Rd in 1956. 
                                          Thanks to Alan Bovingdon-Cox. 
    A B-45A of the 47th BW seen at Bldg 303 ready for the  
    Open House day in May 1956. Thanks to Paul Hilton. 
                                         An F-84F on display at the Open House day, May 19th 1956.  
                                USAF bases opened to the public that day on a Presidential decree. 
                                                                                    Thanks to Alan Bovingdon-Cox. 
                           The Royal Artillery Mounted Band play at the Open House. 
                           Thanks to Joel Simpson. 
C-119 18252 was one of the display aircraft at Greenham that day. 
Thanks to Alan Bovingdon Cox. 
                                     Jim Calhoun and his friend seen here at Greenham in 1958.  
                                     They were members of the 4th Air Depot Sqn which moved to  
                                     Greenham in May 1956 from Brize. Thanks to Jim Calhoun.    
          B-47E 53-2138 of the 100th BW TDYed to Greenham Common between 
          December 1957 and April 1958. Note armed guard on right. 
   The tower area at Greenham Common as seen in October 1955. 
   These pictures show Ground Control Approach (GCA) equipment deployed at Greenham in the     late 1950s. Thanks to Leon Schumacher.  
   GCA Unit                                                           MPN-IIa 
   MP-11a                                                                             TSgt Davis at work inside. 
   Bob Fisher (above) and Bill Schuck here play around with an Austin in front of the manor house during their TDY in 1956. Bob and Bill were young officer pilots on a KC-97.Thanks to Bill. 
  A B-47 taxies past hangar 301.    
                                                  Thanks to Leon Schumacher. 
             A B-47 of the 376th BW of Lockbourne AFB takes off with the aid  
             of the 'Wind Indicator' invented at Greenham. SSgt James Vickers (left), 
             with TSgt Herbert Kaempf (inventor of the Wind Indicator) and CWO William Leger 
             seen right on September 9th 1957. 
 B-47 53-4236 of the 307th BW and.....                    KC-97G 30285 of the 100th ARS, Pease AFB   As seen near the Greenham Tower through the fence on April 10th 1963. Thanks to Paul Offen. 
                                A final tribute to the SAC deployment at Greenham  
                                was made on May 5th 1964 by the people of Newbury  
                                in the Market Place. Col. Harry Bayne is presented with  
                                a book on the history of USAF units based at Greenham 
                                by Councillor John Marshall. 
      The parade in the Market Place. A total of 250 airmen of the 3909th Combat Support      
     Group had marched through London Road and Northbrook Street to be bid farewell by  
     thousands of the people of Newbury. SAC left Greenham Common on June 30th 1964. 
If you can send me any more pictures of life at the base, please email me. I hope you have enjoyed this look back at the SAC years of RAF Greenham Common. 
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