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               The Frank Crenshaw Collection 
This impressive collection of photographs date from Frank's years of service at RAF Greenham Common between 1985 and 1988. My thanks are due to Frank for sharing his memories with us. 
If you have any more pictures or material you would like to share, please email me
                                 A powerful symbol of the strong relationship  
                                 between our two countries. This was probably  
                                 taken outside the base HQ. 
                 11th Tactical Missile Sqn building. 
                A plane arrives with high ranking USAF officer, Vern Orr, circa 1986. 
                The Honor Guard stand ready for the VIP arrival: 
                  Security was always of paramount importance. 
        GLCM exercises were held at least once a month and took rigourous planning: 
        The USAF and RAF teams were experts at camoflageing GLCM vehicles. 
        A GLCM troop prepares for an exercise. 
                           A TEL prepares for action on Salisbury Plain outside Hangar 301. 
                                           Frank during a GLCM exercise. 
   In 1986, a special ceremony was held to dedicate a memorial to Prisoners of War and Missing in       Action personnel lost in the Korean and Vietnam Wars. This is now safe at RAF Fairford. 
                                          A group of NCOs gather for a retirement ceremony, circa 1987. 
                      The retiring Erich Ziller on right is flanked by then   
                      base commander, Col. John Bacs. 
                                   Who could forget the barb wire! Road leading east past barrack blocks. 
                         Leaving the base meant facing the venom of the activists outside! 
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