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                                            Memories of Welford 
I am very grateful to many kind people who have sent me many great pictures from times past at RAF Welford. I would especially like to thank Dean Allen Covey, Boyd Oliva of The Friends and Veterans of Welford, Terry Banfield, Capt Rex King and Mark Mattie. If you have any pictures of Welford or Greenham Common that you would like to share, please email me
March 23rd 1944 was an important day for RAF Welford as Prime Minister Winston Churchill and General Eisenhower visited to observe an exercise by the 101st Airbourne Division in preparation for the liberation of France later that year. 
When RAF Welford was developed into an ammunition storage complex, weapons arrived by sea from the US and were shipped to an offloading terminal at Barry in South Wales. Once they had arrived at Barry, they were shipped by train to Welford until 1973. After that, they were taken to the base by road and the M4 Motorway. Taken in 1981, thanks to Capt. Rex King. 
           Bombs arrived aboard the Lady Mary. 
           The bombs arrive at the terminal and are then unloaded. 
           RAF Welford main gate in 1973. Thanks to Mark Mattie. 
        Base Chapel in 1969 
     Thanks to Dean Allen Covey. 
 Base HQ Building in 1969    
                                           Thanks to Dean Allen Covey. 
      Base Post Office in 1969 
    Thanks to Dean Allen Covey.            
   Many buildings dated back to WW II      
                                                            Thanks to Dean Allen Covey, 1969. 
      Barracks 386; The Airmens lodgings were basic World War II buildings. 
 Barracks, baseball field and tennis courts   
                                                                   Thanks to Dean Allen Covey, 1969. 
     A stag night at the base NCO Club, 1969 
    (L-R): Don Slocum, Dennis Ward, unidentified and John Bakehorn 
     NCO Club in 1968      
                                      Thanks to Boyd Oliva. 
   Base Gas Station in 1968 
  Thanks to Boyd Oliva. 
 A barbeque at RAF Welford in 1968     
                                                            Left to right stood: Don Bass, SSgt Jim Delaney, 
                                                                           Butch Martin, Skip Coates, Dave Siegal, Doug Howell. 
                                                                           Sat left to right: SSgt Lambert, Darwin ( Jack ) Jackson. 
     Base Fire Station in 1973 
   Thanks to Mark Mattie.  
  Mark and his friends in 1973    
Entrance to Welford Priory in 1992.                     The Priory dates from the Middle Ages. 
The building was home to some base commanders and Senior officers. Thanks to Lara Kelley. 
Moving to the restricted area of the base..... 
 Mk 84s at Welford in 1986 
Thanks to Terry Banfield and below. 
                                  A few T2 hangars from World War Two still remain. 
If you have any further pictures of Welford or Greenham Common that you wish to see on this website, please email me. 
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