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                               Memories of the 501st TMW                     
I am very grateful to so many of you who have submitted great pictures of life at RAF Greenham Common from the nine years the base was home to the 501st Tactical Missile Wing (1982-1991). My special thanks go to Dennis Meares, Brian Humphries, TSgt Scott Weum, Carl Bokern, Paul Hilton, Kevin Martin and Marvin Ward. 
                       Base Entrance 1992 
            Thanks to Brian Humphries, 1992 
          Base Fire Station on Main Street 
          Up on the right on Main St was the Fire Station. Brian Humphries 1992. 
Base Post Office in 1992   Base Post Office 
                                        Thanks to Brian Humphries. 
 Building 77  Bldg 77 on an exercise 
 Thanks to Cleo Swan.  Can anybody tell me what it was used for? 
501st TMW HQ  501st Tactical Missile Wing HQ  
                           The command post was also in this building. Thanks to Brian Humphries 1992. 
        North west gate to Burys Bk Rd 
        Gate on north west led to Burys Bank Road. Thanks to Dennis Meares. 
                                Base Armoury  Base Armoury 
                                                        August 2001 by Webmaster 
   MoD Police at Greenham in 1984 
   MoD Police at Greenham in June 1984. Thanks to former MoD Sgt. Kevin Martin. 
     501st TMW Flight Emblems GLCM Flight Emblems 
     Does anybody know who designed these? 
     Apache Flight was painted in Hangar 301, Dog and Cobra in 303. 
     Thanks to TSgt Scott Weum 
Guarding the main gate in 1983   Greenham Main Gate 1983 
                                                Thanks to Marvin Ward 
 Greenham Main Gate 1983 At Greenham's main gate 
 Thanks to Marvin Ward, 1983. 
 Greenham Common Runway 1991 
  A beautiful sight; 12,000 feet of runway...irresistable! Looking west circa 1991. 
A C-9 10876 in 1990 C-9 at Greenham in 1990 
                               Thanks to Paul Hilton 
  Greenham cartoon, 1983 "At a cost of millions".. a worthy price 
  The Times, Nov 1st 1983 (Just prior to GLCM deployment) 
                                     Carl Bokern in TEL  
                                     Carl Bokern served as a TEL driver 1985-1988. Thanks to Carl. 
       GLCM Vehicle  A GLCM Vehicle on an exercise 
       Thanks to Carl Bokern.                                            
                                                                                                                                                                                             GLCM Crew 
A 501st TMW GLCM Crew circa 1986. Thanks to Carl Bokern   
   Jim Nisbet and TEL Jim Nisbet got back to his roots in Britain! 
   Thanks to Jim Nisbet. 
                                                         MAN through pond 
                                                         The south side of the base had some ponds  
                                                         where the MAN vehicles could be put through their paces. 
                                                         Thanks to TSgt Scott Weum. 
 Crane Training at Greenham Crane training with a MAN tow truck 
 Outside Hangar 303. Thanks to TSgt Scott Weum. 
Sgt Brian Bowling by MAN Brian Bowling with MANs 1990 
                                          Taken in 1990, thanks to Brian Bowling. 
 Billy Womack by Illyushin 62 88 Billy Womack by a Soviet Il-62 in 1988 
 Taken during a Soviet INF Visit. Thanks to Billy. 
Cover of base magazine "The Common Crier" May 1990 Common Crier May 11th 1990 
Hummers at Greenham Common 
A GLCM exercise gets ready to roll. Thanks to Billy Womack 
A base firetruck in 1990  Greenham Common Firetruck 1990 
                                      Thanks to Paul Hilton 
Live Fire Trainer Live Fire Trainer seen in 1992 
Installed in September 1986 to train fire crews, it still 
remains in place today. Thanks to Brian Humphries. 
     Greenham High Sch. Invitation              High Sch Invitation 1987 
An invitation to the Dedication of the Greenham Common High School, September 18th 1987. 
Thanks to Alan Bovingdon-Cox 
         Greenham Baseball Scoreboard 
         The baseball scoreboard remains to this day at Pidgeons Farm. 
          Common Crier March 15 1991                                 Inactivation Booklet June 1991 
          Common Crier March 15 1991                           Booklet from Inactivation  
                                                                                   Ceremony on June 4th 1991. 
          Thanks to Christopher Rounsaville. 
I hope you have enjoyed this look back at the years of Greenham Common under the 501st Tactical Missile Wing. Please keep contributing all your great pictures and other material to me and I will do my best to add it to the site. Many thanks for all your contributions.   
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