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                                              Greenham In Photos 3 
Many great pictures have been donated for use on the site of various periods of the history of the base. My many thanks to Joe Anyzeski, Larry Beard, Bob Kaznica, Alan Bovingdon Cox, Bob Brown, Dean Allen Covey, Jean and Ken Fostekew, Mike Hall, Carl Mack and Matt Sanders. 
Please keep sending me your pictures for display.  
                C-46 lands in 1951 
                A C-46 lands with aviation engineering personnel in 1951. By Bob Brown 
                                 Main gate in 1968 
                                   Main Gate in 1968. Thanks to Joe Anyzeski 
                     Main Street in 1968 
                    View from Main St looking at main gate in 1968. By Joe Anyzeski 
                    HQ in 1968 
                    A great picture of the Wing HQ in 1968. Thanks to Joe Anyzeski. 
                       Hangars in 1968 
                       Looking south from control tower area in 1968. Joe Anyzeski. 
                      Runway 29 in 1968 
                       Looking west along Runway 29 in 1968. Thanks to Joe Anyzeski. 
                           Piper at GC in 1968 
                          A Piper Cherokee was seen on base in 1968. Joe Anyzeski. 
                              Burys Bank Rd gate 1968 
                              One of the gates at Burys Bank Road in 1968 
                              Thanks to Joe Anyzeski. 
                     Car Racing in 1968 
                     Greenham's runway was sometimes used for racing cars. 
                     Seen in Summer 1968. Thanks to Dean Allen Covey. 
                     Bank and Post Office 
               Base bank (left door) and Post Office (right) in 1970. Thanks to Larry Beard. 
                    Barracks summer 1970 
                      Barracks area in summer 1970 looking very smart. By Larry Beard. 
                    Sunset summer 1970 
                         A great picture of the runway in 1970. By Larry Beard. 
                 Crookham Court 2002                   
                  Crookham Court in 2002; this was a school for dependants in the SAC  
                  era until 1957 when it moved on base near the main gate. 
                       Runway crossing 1994 
                       Runway crossing point near tower in 1994 after base closed. 
                       Thanks to Matt Sanders (pictured). 
                        Base Theater 
                        Base Theater in 1994. Thanks to Matt Sanders here. 
                        Inside Theater 
                         Inside the base theater in 1994. By Matt Sanders. 
                         Outside Theater 
                         Base Theater from outside in 1994. By Matt Sanders 
                SAC watchtower 1980 
               The edge of the Special Weapons Area in 1980 before the GAMA was built. 
               The tower dates from SAC weapons use from 1954-1964. 
               Thanks to Bob Kaznica. 
                         US Army Cobra 1980 
                         A US Army Cobra on an exercise visit from 
                         West Germany in 1980. Thanks to Bob Kaznica. 
                   Red Arrows IAT 1977 
                   The RAF Red Arrows with Gnats put on their 1,000th display at IAT 1977. 
                   Thanks to Mike Hall. 
                    Hangar is reclad 
                    A hangar being reclad in 1987. By Carl Mack    
                  TACAN Radar 1987 
                  Base TACAN radar tower in 1987. By Carl Mack 
                      SAC era HQ 
                      SAC era base HQ on left in 1987. 
                      Now sadly demolished. By Carl Mack. 
          Newbury ManFlier             Newbury ManFlier  
          The Newbury ManFlier in Hangar 301 in 1979 or 1980. This was a special man powered           glider built at Greenham by Rear Admiral Nick Goodhart and Simon Grant. It flew just once 
          and now rests at the Woughton site of the Science Museum near Swindon. 
          Thanks to Jean Fostekew of the Berkshire Museum of Aviation. 
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