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                                                                   RAF Welford in Photos 2 
          Welford entrance area 1966 Main gate area in 1966. Thanks to Earl Karnatz 
             Welford Fire Crew 1957    Base Fire Crew in 1957. Thanks to Reg Tarbox. 
               An award winning group of NCOs at Welford in 1957. Thanks to Fred Chicado. 
 Welford Barracks          Rod   Gun Club 
 Inside a barrack block in 1958. Fred Chicado                                Inside the Rod & Gun Club 
             Don Harp, Buzz   Stumpy, 1963 
             Don Harp, Buzz and Stumpy play on base in 1963. Thanks to Don Harp. 
     Paul Farmer 1966           Don Harp¬ís Morris Minor 
     Paul Farmer from Maine in around 1965 or 1966. Earl Karnatz. 
                                                                                                               Don Harp leaves base in 1964 in a 1956 Morris 
 Frank Legrette     
 Frank Legrette in around 1966.                   By Earl Karnatz           Albertine and Nash fight out the Cold War!         E. Karnatz 
 Dobbins   Farmer 1966     DA Gate 1966 
 Dobbins and Paul Farmer. Note entry gate post on left.               Air Police at DA entry gate.            Thanks to Earl Karnatz. 
   Earl Karnatz 
   Earl Karnatz was an Air Police officer at Welford 1964-1967. 
 Loading bombs 1963        M-117s in 1964 
 Loading bombs in 1963                         Thanks to Don Harp        M-117 bombs in 1964.                         Thanks to Don Harp 
Photoflash bombs 1964              M-117 bombs 
Photoflash bombs in 1964; what were they for?                         M-117 bombs 
   Shipping   Receiving           7234th Logo 
   The Shipping & Receiving area by railway sidings in the 1950s.                    7234th Ammo unit logo, early 1960s. 
  Bowling Alley     Family Housing Area 
  Bowling Alley in late 1950s. Thanks to Fred Chicado                       Family Housing area in early 1970s. 
                   Welcome to RAF Welford 
                            The sign at the main entrance around 1985. Thanks to Dena Moore Bullis. 
       Sentry Post 1985          
       Sentry post at main entrance in a snow storm.                SPs on guard, mid 1980s.  
                 7551st ASUPS Logo                                  Det 1 100 RSG Logo 
                                                                                             Thanks to Nigel Dawe. 
         Patches from Nigel Dawe.                 850 MMS (T) Patch.                          81st SPS Welford/Greenham  
      Welford Behind the Wire           DA Log Team 1985 
      Thanks to Nigel Dawe.                                     DA Log Team in 1985. Thanks to Ken Gross. 
 Pharris, Gross   Olson 1985        DA Log 1985 
 SSgt Avery Pharris, A1C Ken Gross, A1C Jeff Olson 1985       Ken Gross and friends playing wargames in DA Log, 1985. 
  LE Desk 1985 
  The Welford Law Enforcement (LE) Desk in 1985. Thanks to Ken Gross. 
                        Common Crier Aug 1985 A Common Crier special on RAF Welford in Aug 1985. 
                                 G Row and EWS 
                                 G Row and Emergency Water Supply tank, late 1980s. 
                        Welford Jeeps and Blazers, mid 1980s.                      Thanks to Dena Moore Bullis    
 In June 1994, World War Two veterans returned to RAF Welford to remember their role in D-Day in June 1944.Thanks to Nigel      Dawe of RMARG. 
   Welford Veterans 1994             
                                                                                          At the Memorial Garden, thanks to Nigel Dawe. 
     Base Museum RMARG/FFVW Museum. Thanks to Nigel Dawe. 
  Looking to more recent times... 
  Bombs on Doorstep   
                                         Oct 2002 
                                     60th Article 2003 
  I was fortunate to be present at the 60th anniversary of RAF Welford held on June 21st 2003. 
               Lt Col. Rothman and 424th staff 
               Lt Col. Max Rothman brought enlisted 424th AB Sqn personnel from  
               RAF Fairford for the occasion. By Jonathan Sayers. 
  The ceremony to add the 60th anniversary plaque   60th Anniversary Plaque 
         Unveiling 60th plaque 2003 
         The unveiling of thr 60th anniversary plaque by John Stevens. By J. Sayers. 
                                Welcome wall 2003 
                                The welcome wall at RAF Welford in 2003. By Webmaster. 
I hope you have enjoyed this collection. My thanks to all who have contributed these images. If you have more photos or material on Welford you would like displayed, please email me. 
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