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     Friends Families & Veterans of Welford/RMARG 
Two groups meet at RAF Welford dedicated to preserving the rich legacy of the military history of RAF Welford and the Ridgeway area of southern England. This page introduces the groups and the exhibits we have at our shared museum.  
                  Commemoration Certificate 1992 
The Friends and Veterans of Welford grew out of Department of Defense Rememberance Program in the early 1990s to commemorate the presence of US Forces in World War Two at bases still used by the USAF in 1992. From 1992, Welford veterans began looking for each other and getting together for reunions which have been held so far at Newbury in 2000, Las Vegas and other cities. The 2003 reunion will be held in New England. 
Welford Museum   Welford Museum 
The Friends and Veterans of Welford have a very extensive collection of exhibits on the base from World War Two to present day. There are also some exhibits from Greenham Common. 
          WW 2 Welford Map 
         A very rare wartime map of RAF Welford showing the approach lights to 
         the airfield.  
                    Welford Fireplace 
         The painting is a replica of a now lost work of art painted by US Forces at  
         RAF Welford in World War Two in one of the many Nissen huts on base. 
         The timbers are from the original fireplace and were saved before demolition. 
  Greenham/Welford Trophies Sports trophies from Welford & Greenham. 
             Photo Collection 
             A wonderful collection of photos from 1954-1980s has been preserved 
             at the museum under the care of the Friends & Veterans of Welford. 
The Friends and Veterans of Welford meet at RAF Welford and in the US. If you are a veteran of the base or a family member or civilian who has worked there and would be interested in joining the group, please email me and I will put you in touch with the committee. 
         The Ridgeway Military and Aviation Research Group  
RMARG was formed in 1991 to preserve the history and ongoing operations of military activities in the counties of the Ridgeway path area (Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire). We have a focus on all military services and aviation in particular. The group also carries out important work to preserve both the memory and artefacts from the numerous former military sites in the area. Recent projects have included the rescue and preservation of the 501st Tactical Missile Wing wall art from Greenham Common's hangars, and the preservation and return of the wreckage of Wg Cdr Warburton's P-38 Lightning from Eglin, Germany. 
             RMARG Museum 
              RMARG has several exhibits downstairs. 
            C-47A Dakota  
            Part of a C-47A Dakota we can tow to displays. Note the hardboard 
            C-47 picture featured in the Band of Brothers TV series. 
         ROC Exhibit A display on a wartime Royal Observer Corps post. 
            Link Flight Trainer 
            Link Trainer donated by Wallingford ATC is one gem we have restored 
           Focus Cat                  Membury Art 
      Above: Designed by Walt Disney                      The lower painting is taken from a building  
      himself; this was from RAF Mount Farm           at the wartime airfield of RAF Membury 
     in WW2 where a USAAF P-38 recon unit           where USAAF units flew out 101st Airborne 
     was based. This is an original item.                     units. The top piece dates from mid 1980s at 
                                                                              Greenham and was in hangar 301. 
              501st TMW Wall Art 
              501st TMW era wall art on floor saved from Greenham Common's hangars in 2002. 
                          Apache Flight art 
                          The A-Flight section restored. 
                          For some reason, it was 80% painted 
                          over when found at Greenham. 
                 A sign from RAF's 101 NCO club which was based at ex-RAF Abingdon. 
                 Wg Cdr Warburton P-38 
                The remains of Wing Commander Warburton DFC, DSO's P-38 F-5 
                Lightning, shot down over Eglin-an-der-Paar in southern Germany 
                on April 12 1944. Killed during a photo recon mission. 
                The museum received the remains with help from a British newspaper 
                in Janaury 2003. 
               Memorial           Paratroops Memorial 
               Memorials to those who gave service from RAF Welford in World War Two 
               This remembers the Air Units...               and this is dedicated to Paratroops. 
  Please visit the RMARG website for news of the latest projects and how to join the group. 
                                                     History of RAF Welford